Our Seller Policy

Over the past few months we’ve spent some time listening and speaking with our Partners* and existing clients to make sure we really understand what matters to visitors of this website.

We want to provide an online marketplace where advisers can purchase useful products, services and documents that help them run their business more effectively. Adviser-Store will be the destination for advisers to get access to the very best in marketing, compliance, technical documentation and support.

We understand the decision to be clear about what products we’re looking for will have implications for our Partners. But we also know the best way we can help our Partners to grow is to continue being successful ourselves.

In short, we want to consistently deliver for the adviser community by providing the following:

  • Products that are relevant and high quality
  • Products that enhance an adviser’s business
  • Services that make the adviser/client experience meaningful such as personalisation, customisation and above-and-beyond client service.

If a Partner doesn’t reflect all of the areas we know matter most to the adviser community, then it is the responsibility of the Adviser-Store team to communicate this clearly to the seller at outset and for the partner to refine their product offering before it is agreed that the product can be promoted on Adviser-Store.com.

There is a one-off fee of £299+Vat to join the Adviser-Store.com community as a seller. A maximum of ten individual products can be promoted at any one time per partner. The set-up covers the creation of your product pages and ongoing maintenance. We agree to 15 minutes of changes to your product pages per month. Anything outside of this time will be chargeable.

The set-up fee also covers a guaranteed 6-month promotional window on the Website only. After this time it is at the discretion of the Adviser-Store team as to whether the product continues to be promoted via the website and will be reviewed on a subsequent bi-monthly basis.

We take 25% of every product sold via www.adviser-store.com.

*Please note, ‘Partner’ is how we refer to the businesses that are part of www.adviser-store.com

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